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How to take placement photos or healed photos


  1. MOISTURIZE: this is specially important when taking healed photos as it will bring out all the colors.

  2. LIGHTING: Natural light and outdoors is ideal, but you can just stand in front of a window, as difused light works best. Please avoid using flash.

  3. ANGLE: Please have someone else take it for you straight on, not from above or at an angle. You can also rest your phone against something and use the timer feature on your phone. This is so your artist can accurately fit a design to your unique proportions and determine approximate number of sessions based on relative size of t he body part or for the healed tattoo not to get distorted.

  4. POSITION: You should be in a relaxed standing position in front of the camera. If you’re holding the camera, you’re doing it wrong.

    BONUS TIP 1: Pick a neutral background like a solid colored wall or greenery. Out and about photos are really nice to like at the park, beach or rooftop.

    BONUS TIP 2: Try to match the photo your artist took the day your tattoo was finished the best you can.



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