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1-2 weeks before

  • EXFOLIATE & MOISTURIZE: You should take good care of your skin by exfoliating once or twice a week and moisturizing everyday.

  • HYDRATE & NOURISH: Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out and eat nutritious foods to prepare your body.

  • AVOID SUN EXPOSURE: Stay out of the sun for at least 2 weeks before your appointment. If you have a sunburn for the day of your appointment, Adriana will not be able to tattoo you and your deposit will be forfeited.

  • MAKE AFTERCARE PURCHASES: You should purchase any products you will need to take care of your tattoo ahead of time.

    1. Non-scented antibacterial soap like Dial gold or Castile Soap

    2. Tattoo ointment like Redemption Aftercare, Toad & Turnip or Aquaphor.

    3. Non-scented body lotion like Aveeno Oat lotion, Lubriderm, Cervae or Eucerin

48-24hrs before

  • AVOID BLOOD THINNERS like aspirin or alcohol for at least 24hrs, as they will make you swell and bleed more interfering with the tattoo process therefore affecting the end result. Consult your doctor about your prescription medications and conditions.

  • AVOID EXCESSIVE CAFFEINE or completely if you can. Caffeine can actually raise your blood pressure making you bleed more resulting in loss of color and saturation. E.g. a cup of coffee is fine but avoid energy drinks or pre-workout.

  • MONITOR YOUR HEALTH: If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 or any other illnesses leading up to your tattoo appointment, please get in touch with us immediately to reschedule your appointment.

The day of

  • SLEEP: Get a good night sleep.

  • EAT: Please make sure to hydrate and eat a solid meal BEFORE your appointment! We will have a lunch break for longer sessions so plan to bring food with you or have it delivered, but you are also encouraged to bring snacks to keep your body energized.

  • SHOWER: Make sure you are clean, but refrain from from wearing any perfume or cologne or from shaving the area as it may cause irritation and interfere with the tattoo process.

  • COME ALONE: No one other than the client will be allowed in so please do not bring anyone with you. Exceptions will be made for clients with health or mobility issues who require assistance, but companions will be required to remain in the lounge and away from the tattoo area. Children are not allowed in the studio. Please make childcare arrangements accordingly. 

  • DRESS COMFORTABLY: Wear comfortable loose clothes, preferably in black or in a solid neutral color (for photography purposes), that allow easy access to the area you're getting tattooed (E.g., if you're getting a tattoo on your hip, you should bring a swimsuit that you can untie at the sides; if you’re getting your calf tattooed, you should bring shorts, etc). You are also encouraged to bring a blanket, heat pad, neck pillows or anything you think you’ll need to stay comfortable.

  • TAKE THE TIME OFF: Do not make serious plans or time commitments (e.g. work, dinner reservations, ticketed events…) for after your appointment as there is no way to accurately predict how long the entire appointment will last, and you don’t want your artist to have to rush.

  • BRING ENTERTAINMENT: I tend to wears headphones or listen to podcasts in order to focus for long periods of time. Please plan accordingly and bring your own entertainment in the form of podcasts, music, shows, books, video games etc

  • STAY IN TOUCH: If you are running late, please let your artist know immediately.

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