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Are you local or visiting?

If we have communicated via instagram before, what is your handle?

In the next step you will be asked if you'd like to submit a request for a custom, flash or artist choice piece.

I'd like to explain what a flash or an artist choice would be.

Flash pieces are pre-drawn designs you can choose from. I still like to do these and will sporadically add designs to choose from.

However, I would like to move away from pre-drawn designs and focus more on artist choice pieces. An artist choice piece is a tattoo where you offer me a placement of your choice and give me either no references or add something like your favorite song, movie or a piece of art you feel drawn to. Something that gives me a vague idea of who you are. I love doing these projects the most. It gives me a lot of freedom yet it will still be a highly personal tattoo catered to you. If that is something you're interested in I also offer consultations where you can tell me a bit about who you are and what inspires you. Of course that's optional, you can also just submit without a phone consult. As I would like to focus on these projects I am offering a 10% discount on artist choice pieces.

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