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Are you local or visiting?

If we have communicated via instagram before, what is your handle?

In the next step you will be asked if you'd like to submit a request for a custom, flash or artist choice piece.

I'd like to explain what a flash or an artist choice would be.

Flash pieces are pre-drawn designs you can choose from. I still like to do these and will sporadically add designs to choose from.

However, I would like to move away from pre-drawn designs and focus more on artist choice pieces. An artist choice piece is a tattoo where you offer me a placement of your choice and give me free choice to do whatever i'd like to do. You can of course let me know if there are any subject matters or colors you don't want to have included. Please also add 2-3 screenshots of my work that speak to you. I'd like to do more of these projects so I'm offering 10% off for this.

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